Current Makingaybies Regimen


I thought it might be nice to make a place on this blog where you could easily reference my current regimen of vitamins, herbs, cycle charting and anything else that I have been using to get pregnant. I am placing links for your convenience–none of these are affiliate links.



  • Prenatal Vitamin (Nature’s Best maybe? I bought it at Costco)– 1/day in evening
  • Vitex— 3 capsules per day (000 size capsules)
  • Vitamin D (Kirkland brand)– 6000 IU daily
  • Vitamin B6— 50 mg daily


Recommended Reading

Sperm Shipping

I will try to get a blog post up about our experience with different sperm shipping kits up to explain in more detail. If you don’t see one and are curious leave a comment as a gentle nudge

Known Donor Sites

  • Known Donor Registry— Probably the most well-known site for finding a known donor. I think it has some shortcomings but provides a much-needed service nonetheless. It’s also completely free.
  •— This site is where we found our donor though he also had a profile up at KDR. We found this site to be easier to navigate and I felt less on-guard that we would be bombarded by NI requests (natural insemination– aka SEX with the donor. Eww). This site is free to browse through the donors but you pay a monthly fee to message them. We only paid a one month fee so that we could introduce ourselves to the donor and arrange more in-depth conversation off-platform.