Current Makingaybies Regimen

***Update 7/9/18: I no longer use most of what is listed below due to pursuing IVF but I am leaving it up in case folks found it useful as a reference. My current regimen is simple– IVF meds and supplementation with Coq10, vit D, a prenatal, and fish oil. That’s it. My RE and the IVF meds take care of the rest.


I thought it might be nice to make a place on this blog where you could easily reference my current regimen of vitamins, herbs, cycle charting and anything else that I have been using to get pregnant. I am placing links for your convenience–none of these are affiliate links. I’m adding updates as of 10/26/17 to my regimen in blue


I stopped temping. I’ve been doing monitored cycles which means ultrasounds twice a month plus various labs. I felt it was unnecessary at this stage in the game but it was very very beneficial early on for home cycles. 


  • Prenatal Vitamin (Nature’s Best maybe? I bought it at Costco)– 1/day in evening
  • Vitex— 3 capsules per day (000 size capsules) — I no longer take this
  • Vitamin D (Kirkland brand)– 6000 IU daily
  • Vitamin B6— 50 mg daily — this either


I rarely do OPK’s anymore due to the monitored cycles but I do keep some around just in case

Recommended Reading

Sperm Shipping

I will try to get a blog post up about our experience with different sperm shipping kits up to explain in more detail. If you don’t see one and are curious leave a comment as a gentle nudge— I never did get a blog post up about it but the basic gist of it is that there was another company selling kits and their website was unsecured so any information like credit card numbers was not safe on their site. We briefly chatted with them over email about shipping the items and overall got a really shady vibe. My advice: if you are going to do shipping then ALWAYS double check the left corner of your browser window to be sure it says the website is secure. And IMO, just avoid other companies that offer sperm shipping materials. In our research we found that they either did not appear to be in business any longer, their website no longer existed or they were shady. Babydust was the only one we found that seemed legit. And no, we are not babydust employees for affiliates. 

Known Donor Sites

  • Known Donor Registry— Probably the most well-known site for finding a known donor. I think it has some shortcomings but provides a much-needed service nonetheless. It’s also completely free.
  •— This site is where we found our donor though he also had a profile up at KDR. We found this site to be easier to navigate and I felt less on-guard that we would be bombarded by NI requests (natural insemination– aka SEX with the donor. Eww). This site is free to browse through the donors but you pay a monthly fee to message them. We only paid a one month fee so that we could introduce ourselves to the donor and arrange more in-depth conversation off-platform.


I swear I’m not a Reddit shill but I have found Reddit to be the best place for information and support these last few months. I read in these subreddits the most, but there are many other TTC-related subreddits and websites out there:

  • Trying for a Baby Subreddit — I’ve found this subreddit to be a wealth of information for issues related to TTC. This sub is not well-versed in subjects relating to assisted reproduction techniques (ART– IUI, IVF, At-home insemination) but there are LGBT members and the forum is generally a supportive helpful place regardless of gender/ orientation. This is the place to go to ask general questions about temping, cycles, OPK’s, pregnancy tests, supplements, etc


  • Infertility Subreddit — This forum is specifically for folks undergoing fertility treatment. There are quite a few LGBT members. This subreddit has the most information relating to fertility interventions but be sure to read the forum rules carefully– most members have been trying for extended periods of time and the forum has strict rules to make it an inclusive and safe space.