Well, we tested at 11DPO and again this morning 13DPO, both stark white negatives. Sometimes I wish I would get a defective test just to see what it looks like when I get a second line. I know it wouldn’t actually be a useful second line and when I discovered that the test was a false positive I’d be sad. It’s a strange urge. TTC is strange, indeed.


I’m calling it for this cycle. No baby. Again.


I’m not that sad (ok fine, I’m a little sad!) I’m just mostly disappointed that we have to spend more money that we don’t have on this. And then of course I get upset that the only thing that I am constantly worrying about throughout this entire process is the money. How much it costs. How long we are going to be making payments on this.

But worrying about money apparently doesn’t stop us from deciding this morning upon receiving a negative pregnancy test that the next step is to pursue a loan for IVF. Have we gone completely insane? Possibly. 😀


2 thoughts on “13DPO

  1. Nope. Not insane.

    We are currently paying rent, mortgage, and are about 30,000 in debt (CC and Car) plus another awful number in debt for school loans. We’re looking into a loan for IVF come this summer. So unless we’re insane, you aren’t insane. haha


    1. We basically have a mortgage in student loans plus an actual mortgage! Our goal for the next few years was to pay the loans off completely. But I also really want a baby and can’t wait any longer at nearly 37. It’s just stressful when it all has to happen *right now* haha.


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