Sperm Exposure

Ovidrel Trigger

Ok, so I took my trigger shot yesterday morning at llam. Since then, it’s like my abdomen has steadily filled with… something. I am really uncomfortable at this point. My ovaries feel like they are the size of baseballs. My stomach is visibly larger than normal. I read through the side effects and it seems it’s all normal, but damn. I’m ready for my ovaries to shrink back down to raisins thank you very much. 

Anyone else out there end up with baseball-sized gonads using the Ovidrel trigger shot? Did anything help?

In other news, the timing for the inseminations has been really good. My temp rose yesterday morning after an insemination the night before. Then it went back down some this morning so I’m undecided if I have already ovulated. If not then the timing is even better! One more insemination tonight and then I head back home tomorrow. I’m so ready to be home! But I’m really happy with how everything is working out this cycle.


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