Sperm Exposure

Ultrasound Update

Yesterday morning I saw the RE for my ultrasound and I had two mature follicles. One was 22.9 mm and the other was 17-something mm. There were two other small ones, so 4 altogether that were measurable. My antral count was 9 on my day 3 ultrasound at the beginning of the cycle. After obsessively searching the internet and talking with the RE after my day 3 scan those numbers are low especially since I am taking medication to stimulate my ovaries. From what I have gathered this is more of a concern if I want to pursue IVF. So I am going to try my best to table this concern and deal with it if and when it becomes an issue.


But I imagine you all didn’t come here to read about that. You probably want to know if this cycle is going to work out for an insemination or not. RE said I was “triggerable” at my ultrasound so it’s a go, folks!!! I flew to my donor’s city yesterday and did an insemination last night. I triggered this morning. Coincidentally, my OPK before triggering was blazing so I’m hoping that things will go well this cycle. He is coming by later today for another insemination as well as tomorrow. Then I will fly home. Hopefully in 2 weeks I will have exciting news. 😀


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