Sperm Exposure

We Have a Plan

Whew, so I went and got my ultrasound yesterday and tonight I start Letrozole. For good measure, I am also starting up the vitex again and have ramped up my supplements which I have been lax about taking. Given all the issues I’ve had it’s felt a little hopeless. But now we have a plan! We have all discussed it with each other. We even have a back up plan. It’s like, we are really doing this thing. Finally!

So, as of now, I will go back to the fertility center on July 31st for a second scan to see how my follicles are developing. If it all looks good then I will go see the donor and do as many inseminations as possible before he leaves out of the country the evening of Aug 3rd. I will trigger ovulation based on the RE’s recommendation during/following the inseminations and then we will have the longest 2 week wait of our lives.

I really, really hope this works. I’m excited this time without a hint of the anxiety I felt before. I still hate that I missed the last 2 cycles but maybe the silver lining is that I had an opportunity to process what I needed to and I feel really confident about trying.

I’ll update once I have a confirmation from the ultrasound on the 31st that the plan is a go. 🙂


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