Cycle Shenanigans

Waiting for CD1 Like…


I am still waiting for CD 1 so I can begin planning my next attempt. Only problem is CD 1 is seemingly never going to get here. Every day I have to wait means it’s less likely for ovulation to happen before my donor leaves on a business trip to China August 3rd. So far, I am at either a 13 day luteal phase which is record-breaking for me, or I ovulated super late on CD 20 which means I’ve got at least 3 more days before my next cycle shows up. Fertility Friend can’t figure out my cycles and keeps changing it’s mind on when I ovulated so that doesn’t help. I took a pregnancy test because I did do an insemination in May and with things being so wonky I figured “hey, you never know.” It was negative. So here I am, waiting…


One thought on “Waiting for CD1 Like…

  1. Oh the wonky world of cycles. I don’t know if you’ve discovered this, but apparently the prosteglandins in semen can also throw things into a different cycle. So yay.

    Good luck, here’s fingers crossed that you start so you can catch your ovulation before the third!


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