July is Out

My temp rose this morning after a positive OPK yesterday. I’m out for July. Oh and for  good kick-me-while-I’m-down measure our donor is traveling AGAIN in the beginning of August. So he is likely to be gone for that cycle too. At this point I think we just need to find a different donor. But that’s problematic because Asian (Chinese or Vietnamese) donors are not exactly plentiful. I was looking up donors on a cryobank website this morning and out of their entire database there are 8 Asian donors who are willing to have contact with the child. And not all of them have sperm available. This is hard. Harder than I thought it would be.



2 thoughts on “July is Out

  1. I’m sorry. We had a similar problem with our first donor. The last straw was when I let him know I was ovulating and he was like “well I’m in town but I’m leaving in a few hours, so guess that won’t work.” O_o I can say, switching donors was the best possible thing we could do, even though it felt like an absolutely desperate mess at the time. I hope you can find a clear path forward!


    1. Oh that sounds really frustrating with your donor too. I think switching donors might be the best thing to do for us. I’m also starting to seriously contemplate things like IUI and IVF. The idea that I have a 40-50% chance of conception at each attempt is sounding very appealing right now given all of the challenges we have had just getting attempts to happen in the first place. The cost is not appealing though. Especially when I’m trying like hell to get in a financial position to pay off my student loans ASAP. Either way, that still brings us to our current dilemma of choosing a donor. I really dislike the strict rules protecting a donor’s anonymity at a cryobank. I want my child to know where they came from. I don’t expect us to sit down to a family meal with the donor but I want to know I can reach out if something happens like a health problem or my child is really struggling emotionally with being donor-conceived. Teenagers aren’t known for their patience and 18 might seem like an eternity. I don’t want that sort of anguish for them. And even if I come to terms with that my options are very limited because we need and Asian donor. It’s just hard. Either way we go it seems that the going will not be easy and there are many things to consider. So now we have to figure out where to go from here. Thank you for your encouraging words. 🙂


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