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Getting Real, Y’all

I saw my RE for an ultrasound today. I have two mature follicles 20-21mm on right-raisin (ovary) and could surge for ovulation pretty much anytime. I was given the option of a trigger shot to help control when ovulation happens in order to plan for an insemination so I took it. The shot arrives by tomorrow evening. The donor will be shipping to us given the short time frame. I will inseminate at home on Saturday. Possibly tomorrow too. Holy shit. I am freaking out so much right now.

After 3 months of no attempts whatsoever I feel so unprepared for this. I didn’t expect to be ready for an insemination so soon. I’ve had no signs from my body that ovulation is on it’s way. And I sucked at taking the Letrozole, starting it a day late and underdosing myself at least one day accidentally. So I was expecting to hear that ovulation was still a ways off.

I feel really strongly that this one will work. And that has me freaking out about pregnancy stuff and about being a (gulp) mom. What if I have twins????? If I get pregnant I will have to tell people I am pregnant. What if we aren’t ready to be parents?

UGH, I know I will get over my freak out and will be excited but holy shit I did not expect to feel this way at all. This is what I want, right? This is what I have spent months actively working towards. It’s what SO and I talked about for our future. Right?




4 thoughts on “Getting Real, Y’all

    1. Thanks. Now that I have peeled myself off the ceiling I can see the truth in your statement. I was/am surprised by my reaction but given all of the roadblocks we have been working through– polyp, low progesterone, short luteal phase– I had doubts that inseminations would work and it turns out for good reason. But now the RE has helped us work through those roadblocks and it really could work…Which is simultaneously the most terrifying and exciting thing.

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      1. It’s shockingly surprising and mundane when 1) it is time to try and 2) it actually works! I’m crossing my fingers and toes that you find out the second here in a few weeks!


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