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I last left off here after getting my HSG and finding out that I had a polyp or two hiding in my uterus. My RE was firm about removing them before trying to get pregnant because a) my attempts would be way less successful; and b) if I did manage to get pregnant I was at much higher risk of miscarrying. I figured those were valid reasons but it took me a week or so to come around and actually schedule the procedure– anesthesia and surgery are totally new (and scary!) to me. Even though I have MS I am otherwise pretty darn healthy and growing up never even broke a bone or spent a single night in the hospital. How, I have no idea because I basically spent my childhood swimming in pools unsupervised, hanging upside down in trees and riding my bike with no helmet. My grandmother used to tell me we survived our childhood because there were angels watching over us.

Anywho, scheduling the procedure was a big hurdle. Initially, they had nothing until June 2nd. Well, they offered me a potential date of May 19th at 2:30 (no food or drink from midnight) in the afternoon. And they would have to call and check to see if that was possible. Those were obviously not good options and I was kicking myself for waiting a week to call and schedule. Upon learning that I would be sidelined waiting 6 weeks for the procedure and then until sometime after the procedure when I began to ovulate again I started to panic and get upset. Aside from being 36 and knowing that in the best case scenario I will be a first time mom at 37, I was freaking out about staying off my MS meds for another few months with no TTC attempts at all. My MS is very, very mild but I am still currently in the middle of a relapse and that was making the prospect of staying off meds even longer feel super risky.

I messaged the doctor and explained how I was feeling about the wait and the fertility center offered to do the procedure in their office surgical suites instead of at the surgical center. If that meant I could get things done sooner I was all about it. After a few days of phone tag to make arrangements with the scheduler who was out sick, she surprised me with the news that the RE had a cancellation for the very next day at the surgical center. I took it of course. That was a week ago today– May 4th.

Given that the procedure was the next day K and I didn’t have very much time to process what was about to happen. We were both really worried about it and talked about how nervous we were on the way over. But it all went really well. The check-in process went fine and then they took me to the pre-op area. I changed into my fabric tent with the huge hole in the back (AKA gown), took a pregnancy test and had an IV started. The nurses were super friendly and brought me extra warm blankets which was nice.

First I answered health and medication questions for a nurse, then I answered them for the anesthesiologist, for my RE, and then again for the anesthesia nurse. The most common questions were about what I had eaten and drank, what medication allergies I had and there was much conversation about my multiple sclerosis– especially since I am in the middle of a relapse that has caused a lot of numbness and neuropathy in my left leg.

The anesthesia nurse was one of the last people to come in and she pushed something in the IV that would make me “relax.” That must be code for nearly lose consciousness because I felt high. I tried not to show it but everything got really hard for me to follow and I was feeling drowsy and drugged. Shortly after that they pushed me into the surgery area and I’m becoming even more out of it. They push the gurney next to the table and they asked me to move over to the surgical table. It took probably 30 seconds to process that they wanted me to move my body. I moved over and that’s pretty much the last thing I remember until I am waking up in recovery and a nurse is handing me a ginger ale.

Shortly after that another nurse brought me a second ginger ale (did I ask for ginger ale??) and at some point my SO came in. I felt like I needed to pee really badly. They assured me it was just from the catheter but I tried a bed pan anyways (they were right). After what seemed like a few minutes but could have been much longer they let me get dressed and helped me into a wheelchair then we went home.

SO tried to get me to rest but I hate taking naps so I resisted. I stayed on the couch awhile and played on the computer, watched a little netflix and had lunch and some water. The anesthesia was strange. I remember most of what happened Thursday afternoon but not always in the correct sequence. At some point SO left to get the pain meds at the pharmacy and I realized that I was sitting on the couch staring at the wall… maybe a nap wasn’t such a bad idea.

I laid down and watched the live feed of the Okeanos deep sea exploration dive. They had just dropped the rover into the water so it was perfect. I dozed off and on waiting for the rover to reach the sea floor and SO came and hung out in bed with me when she got home. Later SO and I got to talking a little about the procedure and she said there were pictures. Apparently, she had told me about them in the recovery room and also the RE showed them to me after the surgery. Yep, I totally don’t remember any of that.

I took a look at the pictures and the polyp took up the bottom/front area of my uterus. I basically had a natural IUD in there. RE called as I was resting in bed and said that the polyp ended up being a little larger than the 6mm that she estimated on the HSG. Pathology came back yesterday and it was benign.

I took 2 doses of vicodin because I had the slightest hint of cramps. I had very minor bleeding on Thursday and Friday, none Saturday but then I started bleeding again with bad cramps early Sunday morning and continued to bleed lightly until yesterday. Friday I felt pretty good but figured I didn’t mind having the extra day off work. And since I felt fine I decided that I would plant a garden by myself all day long. Saturday, as you can imagine was not a great day after my gardening and neither was Sunday. I felt pretty nauseous most of the day. Saturday night I had chills and then Sunday night I was sweating. Hormones are weird. All week this week I have felt exhausted. I have been falling asleep after work and going to bed by 10. I slept 9 hours last night and needed to sit and wake up for almost an hour before I could function this morning. I have no idea if that is related to the procedure or just an energy ebb and flow related to my MS. It’s a bit of  a crapshoot sometimes knowing whether it’s normal or it’s MS.

Anywho, that’s my story of the polypectomy. Going under was scary but the recovery was mostly a breeze and I can start TTC as soon as I next ovulate. I will start the Letrozole tonight and I get an ultrasound next Friday to see how my eggs are developing and when I can expect to ovulate. It’s a relief that I can move forward with TTC and actually have a good shot at making it happen.


3 thoughts on “Polypectomy

  1. Yayyyy, Im so glad they got that out of you and you get to get right back to trying again. Im going to have mine done on May 19th and am getting a little nervous. They had to cancel my first cycle because of their findings, I was so close to taking my trigger shot and then having an IUI. But I didnt want to risk misscarage either.


    1. Best of luck to you for the procedure. I was so worried but it all went really smoothly. Hopefully you will have a similar experience. The miscarriage thing was probably what tipped me over the edge in having the procedure done. After hearing that I needed to wait till June 2nd for the procedure I thought for a minute I just wouldn’t have it done at all and see what happened. But then I started thinking about having a miscarriage and how devastating that would be. I think the guilt of knowing that it may have been preventable would have eaten me up in that state. That was what really sealed the deal about going through with the procedure, knowing that I had done everything I could to have a healthy pregnancy. Take care, hopefully after this the next IUI will be *the one* for you!

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