Medical Stuff

Fertility Labs

Well, labs are in and they are surprisingly reassuring. Whew!

Prolactin: 14.5

Anti Mullerian Hormone: 2.66 (!!) That is an AWESOME number for 36 year old 🙂

LH: 5.9 (Luteal Phase)

FSH: 3.8 (Luteal Phase)

I figured I would post this for posterity but also so that others out there walking this journey would know where I was starting from.

I still plan to research fertility clinic options and cryobanks in case I need more intervention but these labs make me feel a whole lot better about doing the at-home insemination thing for awhile… Speaking of which, we have been planning to fly out to see Mike for my next fertile window– O day is due Valentine’s day. How sweet would that be?! Details forthcoming.


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