Donor M · Known Donor · Sperm Donor

Donor M

Welp, it’s official. This guy is going to be our sperm donor and he is awesome. We really clicked with him and found that he was very willing to meet our demands/wishes such as: donate to a cryobank for us in case IUI or IVF is needed, ship sperm to us when needed (we live in the south east and he lives in the northeast), ship sperm multiple times a cycle when needed, do multiple inseminations each cycle.

He’s completely on the same page as us regarding the exorbitant cost of sperm and the resulting limited access to becoming a parent using AI. I’m excited and hopeful about this process and so grateful that he is willing to go through this process with us.

He already had a legal document prepared to cover all the bases for future contact and parenting rights and what not. He sent us the PDF to look over and we will get it notarized. He will also get all of the STI testing done and provide results. Oh, and just for good measure and a nice little side perk he’s good- looking and well educated too.

We are super excited and really happy with choosing a known donor so far. 10/10 would choose again.


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