Conception (Figuratively Anyways)

It’s the first day of 2017 and here I sit ready to start a new adventure into gay parenthood. I have made my requisite Amazon purchases– Basal  thermometer, ovulation test strips, and the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. My recommended items algorithm has forever been altered and will be swarmed with baby gear from here on out. Maybe this is the first milestone in millennial parenting– making it Amazon-official.

I think I am ready to deal with all that this new adventure will bring. I think. The things I am not looking forward to are the following: the actual insemination (gross!), discussing things like my menstrual cycle and cervical position with healthcare providers, the medical probing required during fertility treatments, transvaginal ultrasounds (AKA the ultrasound dildo), negative pregnancy tests, and the expense.

The things I am most looking forward to in this process are, well, being pregnant and having that baby.

I have plenty of anxiety around having a baby– I’m 36, I’m gay, I live in the South in the “Bathroom Law” state…policies around here are pretty hostile towards us gays, I have irregular menstrual cycles with a short luteal phase, and I’ve got multiple sclerosis. My partner and I are a biracial couple so finding a sperm donor that will create a baby that represents both of us yields limited results. We apparently like a challenge.

In researching, we had a hard time finding resources, anecdotes, and blogs that dealt with issues that directly relate to lesbian pregnancy so here we are, making it for us. It will be good to have a community to celebrate with us and offer support as we go through this process. If you and your partner are also trying to get pregnant and your searches brought you here, we wish you the best in your process. Leave us a comment and say hello. And remember, nothing is ever TMI here! Welcome to our little corner of the interwebs.


2 thoughts on “Conception (Figuratively Anyways)

  1. Best of luck! Having babies is one of the hardest things I have done but also the best decision of my life 🙂 Hope that it all goes smoothly for you!

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